Top 7 Things To Do in Zurich

The moment you hear Zurich, the snow capped peaks of Swiss Alps and rolling green valleys with their crystal-clear lakes unfolds in front of the eyes, right? Well, no doubt, you are right! The largest city in Switzerland, Zurich is adorned by a beautiful blue lake. It will take you only a short train trip from this city to reach a spectacular peak and view the Alpine valley below. 

Here are the top 7 things to do while in Zurich!

Visit Altstadt or The Old Town

Located on the banks of Limmat, the old town of Zurich is a historic center of yesteryear culture and modern bustling city life. With medieval cobbled streets dotted with shops and pubs, it is one of the most happening parts of Zurich.


You can explore the cafes, adorable tiny shops, medieval churches, the Town Hall that dates back to the 17th century, and the beautiful guild houses. Also known as Limmatquai, these guild houses were built in the medieval era to represent associations such as spice traders, merchants, carpenters, and others. Enjoy yourself in the Limmat waterfront, and don’t forget to click pictures of the Schanzengraben moat!

Lake Zürich

This long, crescent-shaped lake curves past the wooded peaks of Located between the Pfannenstiel to the east, and the Albis ranges to the west; Lake Zurich is a long, crescent-shaped water body. It is surrounded by beautiful pavements and routes, where you can leisurely explore the lake region. 

You can also visit Uetliberg to catch a glimpse of hundreds of yachts and boats, sailing by on the lake, especially if you visit in the summertime.


Once adorned by a Roman fortress, Lindenhof is located on the left bank of the Limmat, at the center of the city. From here, you can view the landmarks of Zurich like the Grossmünster Church, City Hall, University, and the waterfront. 

This historically rich location is surrounded by lime trees and is a lovely spot to spend the day away from the city bustle.

Swiss National Museum

This museum houses Switzerland’s biggest collection of historical artifacts and curated pieces that speaks a lot about the country’s culture and history. From prehistoric weapons tools, pottery to masterful Gothic art, of the medieval era, the list is quite extensive. 

You can also explore the Renaissance period wooden images, carved altars, and triptychs from chapels and churches around the country.


Finally, here is your chance to visit the postcard part of Switzerland, the Swiss Alps! From the Uetliberg station, a brief walk will take you to the peak. Up there, you can see the Zurich lake, the river, the snow-capped Alps in the background, and just feel yourself in complete bliss.

You can hike around, explore the forests, or take a cable-car between Felsenegg and Adliswil to enjoy the valley’s view.

Limmat Cruise

You can go to the Landesmuseum quay, and book yourself a cruise along the Limmat. The boats pass under all seven of the city’s bridges on the Limmat and let you have a glimpse of Grossmünster and Fraumünster in a different light.

FIFA World Football Museum

The spectacular FIFA Museum opened in 2016, in the Enge quarter, and is for all the lovers of the game. This three-storied building houses football’s earliest days and documents from every World Cup since the first one in 1930. 

There are also interesting artifacts, including the original World Cup trophy. Moreover, the interactive displays and football videos make this a pleasant and one of a kind experience.


Zurich is a beautiful city in the heart of the Alps. So, don’t forget to pay a visit here, while on your Swiss holiday!

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