Backpacking Tips For Your Next Adventure

The world is currently under quarantine, and I know you are also locked at home. But the forest trails, the mountains, and the valleys call you out for another hike, isn’t it? So why not make some plans and take some notes for your next amazing adventure?

Backpacking across the wilderness is an enriching experience that brings you close to nature in unimaginable ways; however, to survive out there in the wild, you should be well prepared. 


So, here we have listed some useful tips to make your hikes a lot smoother and memorable.

Useful Tips

  • Stay Hydrated: Carry water bottles (plastic or metal) or a water bladder (also called a reservoir). You should frequently sip water along the journey.
  • Wear proper shoes: Your shoes should preferably be waterproof and should also let your feet breathe. Depending on the temperature of the terrain, choose appropriate footwear, because it is going to make a lot of difference.
  • First Aid Kit: Pack in essential medicines, band-aids, antiseptics, and insect repellants, along with first-aid items in your backpack, especially if you have any allergic conditions make sure to carry the emergency medicines or shots.
  • Maps and Compass: Even if your phone is smart enough to carry both, carry your own map and compass, you never know when it comes in handy!
  • Torch and Extra Batteries: Don’t depend on your phone flashlight, carry heavy-duty torches with extra batteries.
  • Charger: You won’t find charging points in the wild, so carry power banks and keep your phone charged, of course, if you don’t wish to stay off the grid!
  • Dry foods: It is always better to carry protein bars, instant noodles, and dry food items so that there are fewer chances of them going stale. After all, you would need all the energy to keep going.
  • Carry matchsticks: You need to build your fire if you plan to camp for the night.
  • Sleeping Bag and Tent: It goes without saying these would be your lodging and sleeping equipment.
  • Safety: If you are planning to hitchhike along the way, be careful, and ensure the safety of the surroundings you are in. Trust your instincts!
  • Plans: Although spontaneous backpacking around new places is much more exciting and fun, a little planning before you start your journey goes a long way. Just make sure you have a rough idea of where to go and the places you wish to cover each day.

Final Words

Gear up for your next trip and let your adventurous soul explore the world like never before. But, while you wait for this plan to become real, indulge in adding some more pointers to your lists and be ready for some good times ahead!

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