The 5 Coolest Modes of Transport Around the World

Everyone around the world gets to where they need to go in their own style, and there are places that you can visit to try them out for yourself. Here are five of the coolest modes of transportation in the world!

Tuk Tuks in Thailand

Tuk Tuk cars are the Thai equivalent to a taxi, and these open vehicles are sure to set you up for a fun and wild ride through the cities. There is no better way to see the sights than from the back of a tuk tuk, as you will get to embrace all the sights and smells of everything happening in the city all the way around you. They really are the most intimate way to experience in culture and see the sights whilst on a city holiday in Thailand. Just be aware that there are no doors on a Tuk Tuk, so in a way it will be like soaring through town on a fast golf cart!

Gondolas in Venice

The romantic city of Venice is known for his calm rivers, historic art and gondola boat rides to really get in the mood. If you happen to be traveling to Italy, be sure to arrange for a night on the water under the moon as you see the city from one of the most amazing perspectives. There are many companies in Venice that you can book with for a ride down the canals, and it is worth it to research which ones would best suit your itinerary. No vacation to this part of the world is complete without taking part in one of Italy’s most famed modes of transportation.

Campervans in Australia

Australia is a vast and disperse country, but there is so much to see that you couldn’t possibly fit in without going on a little road trip. Renting a campervan is one of the most convenient and coolest ways to see the land, as you will be able to stop just about anywhere you like with the ability to stay for a night in your vehicle. Only by traveling around this way will you be able to see the most wildlife and picturesque views, as you will be able to explore wherever the wind takes you. If you choose to go on your Australian adventure in a campervan just be aware that going across the country from one coast to another is highly dangerous, so stick to the designated routes.

Bonka Boats in the Philippines

The beautiful county of the Philippines is made up of several islands, which means that there are plenty of bodies of waters to explore. One of the coolest ways to travel across the bays and lakes is in a bonka boat. You will be able to experience soaring across the waters in a exciting, wild fashion. Just be prepared for turbulence, as these boats can hit the waves at a crashing speed!

Camel Trekking in Morocco

There is no better way to experience Africa than to see it from the back of a camel, as these animals have been transporting people around the desert for centuries. In Morocco there private tours that you can sign up for through that will give you an experience of a lifetime, you can also book your camel tours before you travel.

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