Top 5 Ways to Use Technology and Stay Fit

Staying fit is extremely important. Especially in the present situation, when going to the gym or engaging in other exercises and sports is not possible, we have to put in our efforts to stay healthy and active at home. To help us achieve this, there are several fitness gadgets and apps available in the market.

We will give you an overview of some of our top choices to set up your daily health routine using these technologies!

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Fitness Watch

This kind of device will let you track your heart rate, exercises, number of steps you have taken, how many calories you have burnt, and your sleep pattern. 

Moreover, with a variety of fitness trackers to choose from, you can get many more exciting features along with these standard ones.

Smart Scales 

These scales are WiFi-enabled and measure your body weight in pounds/kilos along with body fat percentage, lean weight, and body mass index (BMI). You can sync this data from the scale to the Fitbit app on your smartphone,  as it is compatible with Fitbit activity trackers

Once the sync is complete, you can view the charts and graphs of your weight trends and progress. The best part is you can use this device for up to eight people and store your family’s data on the same device!

AI-Based Personal Trainer 

It is a GPS-connected AI device that provides personalized coaching through a lifelike voice to help you reach fitness goals and become a better runner both on outdoor tracks and on the treadmill. 

This device also shares real-time biometric feedback during your workout, encompassing your heart rate, speed, distance, calories burned, and others. Another cool feature is that you can connect this device to Spotify and play your favorite workout track while sweating it out!

iFit Sleep HR

Having a good and timely sleep is vital for your body as it keeps the circadian cycle in balance. This device will track the quality of your sleep by monitoring your heart rate, respiratory rate, and nightly sleeping patterns. 

It has also got a ‘FreshWake’ smart alarm system that will ensure to wake you up at the ideal part of your daily sleep routine.


This is a real-time sensor that monitors how much you are pushing during each rep by displaying data on your smartphone screen. While keeping track of all your lifts, the sensor can also measure the speed, force, and power of all your movements through its cutting-edge accelerometer technology.  

Based on your daily routine, the sensor can provide you with the optimal requirements of each day.


Technogym Mycycling is a virtual trainer that is provided with realistic road inertia that will give you a genuine feeling of cycling while indoors. The device continuously varies the pedaling and cadence power to make it more challenging for your muscles.

 Moreover, you’ll also be able to communicate with certified coaches through the Mycycling app that can help you better your overall performance. 


Apart from these devices, there are plenty of fitness apps both paid and free that you can download to monitor your daily activities and reach a healthier holistic lifestyle.

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