5 Fitness Gadget that will help you Keep your New Year’s Resolution

Fitness tracking tool

Every new year, we resolve to switch to healthy habits. From dropping junk food to an exercise routine, we plan a lot to keep ourselves fit. But it’s an entirely different matter as how many of us keep up our resolutions. Only if these habits were to be made a little more exciting!

Science can cure anything, it seems, even our laziness.

There are so many gadgets available in the markets these days which can help you maintain your healthy habits with the least amount of trouble for you. Some of these gadgets are so cool that you will want to excessive just for the sake of using them.

1. Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine is the  activity and sleep monitor ideal for fitness enthusiasts. It sis wearable fitness band that will automatically track your footsteps, the distance you walk or run per day, the calories of the food you eat and the hours of light and heavy sleep you get. It keeps  complete tabs one an overall health of the person who uses it. It is also swim proof meaning you can wear it even whileyou are swimming or some other water sports. It has a non charging replaceable battery so you can carry it everywhere and anywhere. It automatically uploads the data to your phone once connected so your records are always backed up.

2. Sportiiiis

Sportiiis is a special technology heads up display system that can be easily attached to a cycling helmet or a sunglasses to track your heart beats while exercising. It also comes with a built in speaker which will give audio prompts to the wearer. Sportiiiis HUD system is so designed to be able to fit any pair of glasses or headgear.

3. iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter

A Pulse Oximeter is a device that will help you monitor the oxygen levels of your blood  at regular time intervals. It works in the iOS systems as a fitness devices that keep track of your health, especially for people who have heart related problems or breathing troubles. The device has three separate sections each of which display the oxygen saturation  in blood, pulse rate and pulse strength respectively.

4. HAPI fork

A HAPIfork is one such gadget custom made to help us eat healthy. Recent studies prove that not only what we eat matters, but how we eat food also affects our health. With this new funding in mind, the HAPIfork is built to help us eat slowly and at the right intervals of time. It is a device which can sense the speed of our eating with the help of stitched sensors and thus help us control it. It can help one develop a healthy eating habit without having to remember to chew well every time you eat.

5. Apple Watch

An Apple Watch is something that can replace your iPhone in part. It is a device capable of placing calls, social media interactions, alarms , reminders and so much more. But as a fitness tracker Apple Watch can be intimidating , even to the Fitbit fitness watches. It has apps in it to track almost every rate in our body and they keep us informed of our level of bodily functions. This is almost like a personal caretaker and thus Apple Watch makes a perfect fitness tracker.

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