Top 5 Online Marketing Tools to Generate More Organic Traffic and Higher ROI


If you own an online business or are working as an online marketer, then you are always on a look out for finding newer ways of marketing your business online. Today, with thousands of new ventures starting every day, the online space is crowded beyond imagination. Thus, more often than not, online marketers find it challenging to promote the businesses online. However, with the right tools online marketing can wield measurable results and drive your sales curve higher.

Here are 5 online marketing tools that can help your business grow:

  1. Local SEO

Well, most businesses do follow SEO rules to get their websites on top of the search results. However, the World Wide Web being accessible to every part of the world, your website has to fight with thousands other throughout the world. Now, if your business is based in California, what good will it do if someone in London lands on your website? Here local SEO comes handy. By optimising your website for your geographic location, you not only cut down on competing websites fighting for your customers’ attention, but also bring in relevant traffic which is most likely to convert in sales figures.

Tips for area specific SEO

  • Include the name of your locality in the website URL if possible.
  • Optimise your contents to include area specific keywords.
  • Always mention the business address and contact number in the header or footer of each page.
  • Rope in a SEO expert with experience in local SEO.
  1. Harness the power of Social Media

When it comes to online marketing, Social Media is truly a formidable force. When used correctly Social Media can go a long way in creating a positive brand persona and drive sales. However, many businesses start out their social media campaigns with high expectations, only to get disheartened after seeing no or negligible results. If you have a similar experience in past, then maybe you were not using the right platform for the right purpose.

Tips for Social Media marketing

  • Use platform specific content. For example, Pinterest and Instagram are apt for promoting image based viral content, whereas Linkdin is great for networking with industry influencers.
  • Use the social media platform that your customers are using. If you are targeting B to B customers, Linkdin is the appropriate platform; whereas for B to C, Facebook is more apt.
  • Be consistent. Social Media marketing takes time to build your brand image, so it is essential to keep your communication steady to get result.
  1. Go mobile

In today’s age of smart phones and tablets, more searches are being conducted online. Moreover, researches show that mobile searches are more likely to convert into sales than desktop searches. Thus, optimise all your marketing communications to be mobile friendly can be fruitful to get maximum ROI.

Tips for Mobile marketing

  • Build a mobile friendly website.
  • Make your email marketing optimised for mobile devices.
  • Add a one-touch-call button to your mobile landing page, so that customers can get in touch with you by one touch only.
  1. Use retargeting

Only 2% of traffic gets converted into sales on the first visit. Thus retargeting is the most potent tool to keep your brand on top of your customers’ mind. Retargeting lets you track customer behaviour by placing cookie when on visits a website. With this technology the customer gets to see the adverts of the brands he/she has visited before across different websites. This way your brand never goes out of the customer’s mind and you get significant organic traffic.

Tips for retargeting

  • Go for a reliable retargeting software program.
  • Be flexible in your approach.
  1. Master the art of content marketing

Creating engaging, storytelling contents content is the key for building up a brand personality over years. While many marketers underestimate the power of subtle promotions, consumers worldwide tend to avoid over the top call for action. Thus, an integral part of online marketing is to analyse and harness the power of trending keywords and building sharable stories around it.

Tips for content marketing

  • Keep tracks of sharable keywords or content through tools such as BuzzSumo and build your content around it.
  • Do not include direct call for action; rather build your brand image with engaging storytelling.

So, these are the top  5 online marketing tools that you can use to generate more traffic and get higher conversion. Keep in mind that online marketing is a time taking process and work on managing your expectations. Focus on brand building, and not of product promotion to get more organic traffic and in turn sales for your business.

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