Dominate Local SEO with These Tips

Local businesses often shy away from search engine optimization because it is something associated more with large companies. What they do not realize is that SEO could very well boost their sales hence the importance of investing in local SEO. It’s an easy marketing tool that could a business can use to their advantage if the right tricks are used. Here is a look at tips to follow to dominate local SEO:


Categorize your firm as a local one

How your business presents in search results is important. Working in a specific area does not necessarily qualify you as a local firm and neither does having a local address or phone number. However, if you serve a particular area or have a storefront, then you are classified as a local business.

Be consistent

Every time you promote your services online, you need to ensure that the information you provide is consistent. Always share your name, address, phone number and services consistently on your social network profiles, maps, online directories and business website. This helps to reinforce your brand in the online community and with every search; your business is bound to pop up.

Get your business name on all local directories

A good way to get started is do research on all local online directories. Getting your business name, address and phone number on every directory possible will help search engines as well as potential customers find you fast.

Use keywords in social network updates

While the above mentioned tips help to get your SEO set up, there’s so much they can do in terms of dominating local SEO. As a business owner, you need to several miles further. Start by including keywords in your updates.

Good keyword choice is often a source of controversy for many, even the experts. The best keywords are those that give a simple detailed description of your firm, but with as much information as possible. For instance, if run an event planning company, don’t just describe yourself as that. Try using “Toronto event planning.” This not only gives a descriptor, but it also gives search engines a definition of the local area you operate in.

Invest in quality content

There is a reason content is termed “the king of SEO.” It attracts massive audiences in more ways than any traditional marketing strategies could ever deem possible. Regularly posting content on the business website that actually matters and is educational to your audience will go a long way in increasing your popularity online. You could write on how to solve common problems in your industry, answer questions posed by your readers and generally provide information on better ways of doing things. Keep your customers updated on the new deals you are offering and any other relevant news to reinforce your online presence.

The above tricks are barely a scratch on the surface on what works when it comes to dominating local search engine optimization. Time and dedication are required for the above tricks to work. If you need help, the staff at Dayvandi SEO in Toronto is always willing to help with your local SEO needs.

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