Top 3 Essential Features Every Website Must Have

As the world progressively becomes more digital, every business owner must have a website on the internet if they want to maintain and increase their level of success. Yes, having a website is now easier and more affordable than ever, however, it is not that simple. You must gain an understanding of consumer behavior on the internet and why some websites see a staggering level of success while others quite simply don’t quite get anywhere. Find Web Designers near you

To help you maximize your chances, here are three absolutely essential features recommended by marketers and website developers that every website (including yours) must have.

#1 Easy navigation

The first and foremost feature that every website must have is easy navigation. About 94% of users prefer visiting and staying on websites that offer easy navigation. A website with convenient navigation gives users easy access to the information or product that they are looking for.

Navigation is also an integral part of Google’s ranking algorithm and SEO. Here, it is relevant to mention that websites have different types of navigation. Some of those include top header navigation, main navigation, and footer navigation.

Visitors like navigation with a clear menu structure for easy access to the information they need. All top businesses offer their users easy navigation that allows them to explore the business from the homepage. Most websites use a dark color background for navigation to make its appearance trendy or even make it stand out from the rest of the content.

Your web designer will play a crucial role in structuring easy navigation design for your website. It is up to you to provide the designer with a detailed website plan and mock-up. It is also worth mentioning that your website’s navigation should be user friendly to make it convenient for mobile users to navigate through it.

One of the core tips when it comes to easy navigation is having a navigation menu at the very top of your website that users can utilize to go in the direction that is relevant to them. You are best to speak with a local web developer to discuss the best options for developing your navigation. 

#2 Updated content and images

Having updated content and images is crucial to being successful on the internet. To put it simply, no one really cares to read the information that is not relevant to now, nevermind spend money on an outdated product.

Because of this, keeping your website content and visual media up to date will have a huge impact on customer satisfaction, and therefore, the longevity and growth of your business on the internet.

Besides customer satisfaction, updated content and visual media will also tell Google that you are interested in providing value to users, and therefore, with time, Google will deem your website as more valuable. Because of this, your domain will rank higher, which will have a positive snowball effect on your visitors, sales, and revenue.

#3 Contact information

One of the absolute must-haves on your website is a contact information page. The typical contact information page consists of a phone number, e-mail address, business site information such as opening hours, physical location (if applicable), and any other relevant points of contact such as social media.

It is that simple, and yet, a large number of websites on the internet fail to make such vital information difficult for users to access. Remember that a happy customer will always do return business with you.

If you would like to implement any of these to your website but aren’t quite sure how, you can always hire a local web designer.

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