Tips to Design the Perfect Resume

You must have heard the phrase ‘first impression is the last impression’. Similarly, when someone goes on a job hunt at any stage of their career the smart and intellectual resume is their first impression. This is one thing that can make or break your game when you apply for a job. 

Jobs these days are not only difficult to hang on to but they are also difficult to find. As the world progresses the companies are using becoming choosy with whom they hire. As opposed to the previous hiring system, now companies want someone who has the talent to do the job and can do it smartly. Hence the competition in the job market is tough and you need to stand out to be at least visible.

Resume Templates

So for this, you need a smart and intellectual resume in terms of both content and design. They are a lot of resume templates on the internet that can help you in the design part of your resume. 

However here are a few tips to help you make the perfect resume

Have enough space

The resume is always advised to be one page long but that does not mean you fill the whole page with content. Doing this will make the resume look clustered. So you must leave enough space to give breathing space like leaving one-inch space on both edges of the page or leaving space between sections. 

Use only two font styles

The template designs give you the option of using multiple font styles and it becomes tempting to use them all. But that would decrease the readability of your content and looks unprofessional. It is highly suggested that you make use of only one font style and at most two but not more than that.

Emphasizing the Font 

While in some places it is necessary that you bold some content so that it becomes visible and eye-catching for the reader. Be careful not to go overboard with bold and italics tool also underlining is something you should avoid doing in the resume.

Using bullets 

While you might want to write a lot about your achievements on your resume you can’t do that!

You should mention your achievements and skills as bullets and straight to point. Using bullets draws’ emphasis to that section and even of your interviewer gives one scan to your resume. They can have a fair idea about what you can offer to their company.

Be Precise 

The resume has to be one page long, hence you need to be precise with the information you give. Also, you must choose and put your best skills forward in your resume. For example, when you apply for a job at a multinational company there is no need to mention that you flipped burgers for summers. It would rather be more appropriate you mention the internships you have done following your education and the job position they are offering.


You must have consistency in the content and the design of your resume. This consistency will form a pattern in your resume which will help the employer read through your resume and he/she will know exactly where to stop and emphasize.

With tough competition in the market, it is essential that each step you take while looking for a job is the best one and your resume is a very essential part of the way companies see you.

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