Throwing Knife Fridge Magnets Scare Your Kids Into Getting Presentable Grades

When I was growing up, on the rare occasions where I would bring home an honor report worthy report card, my parents would proudly hang my grades from the fridge, an advertisement to all who had the pleasure of snacking in our kitchen that their child was capable of a B- in Spanish. When I didn’t come home with the grades they always expected, they weren’t so eager to hang my grades from the fridge. And that’s where they went wrong.

I would have scared little me into submission by using one of these Knife Fridge Magnets to hang my poor grades from the refrigerator. Not only would little me have been ashamed of my lack of educational enthusiasm, but I would have been scared of where the knives would end up if I brought home another bad grade. So, what about it kids – do you enjoy having all ten of your fingers? Get your own set of Knife Magnet for $10 from ThinkGeek.

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  1. Cool little idea – Would they be strong enought to hang something on?

  2. Very clever! I would like to also know if they are strong enough to hold something on?

    Thanks in advance

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