Things to Do When in Tønder

Yes, you have read it correctly; it is not Tinder. Located along the coast of the North Sea, in Denmark, Tønder is a beautiful port town. With incredibly beautiful landscapes and wildlife, this place is a Scandinavian delight.

Although the whole town and its surrounding is worth a visit, we have listed out some of the top sites to visit while you are there.


Wadden Sea National Park: A World Heritage Site 

A Unesco World Heritage site, this Danish national park, Vadehavet, or The Wadden Sea, is a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit. Every year during spring and autumn, more than 15 million birds migrate through the area, of which six million can be found on the busiest days! 

You can experience the starling migration, which is the most famous natural experience in Denmark. This phenomenon is depicted as “Black Sun” because thousands of starlings cover the sun such that it cannot be seen. 

Moreover, the Wadden Sea has global significance as one of the world’s ten most important wetlands. Being a tidal wetland, it has some of the most productive ecosystems of the planet. Plants, myriads of animals, and micro-organisms in the sediments of the Wadden Sea make the area one of the most massive feeding grounds for migratory birds.

It is also home to Denmark’s largest population of common seals (harbor seals). You can spot the seals resting on offshore sandbanks. The sandbanks around the Wadden Sea island Mando is the most important place for seals. If you get lucky, you can see as many as 800 seals at once! 

Romo Island

Romo is a large island (with only around 700 locals) in the Tonder municipality. It can be reached easily by a broad, long, free 10-kilometer causeway linking it to the mainland. 

Many wide, long, white, beautiful sandy beaches can be enjoyed by windsurfers and horse-drawn carts. You are permitted to drive a vehicle onto specific beaches only. Kite enthusiasts also find this place to be a pleasure, since, in the early weeks of September, a Kite Festival is organized here. 

In the summer, many tourists enjoy complete freedom due to the size of the beaches! When the summer season is over, it is also a favorite for those seeking solitude amidst the lap of nature.

Museum Sønderjylland Kulturhistorie Tønder

The Tonder museum is a great place to visit, and it’s got almost everything you can ask for in a museum. Especially the exhibition of the Danish architect Wegner’s chairs in the water tower guarantees you a fantastic and worthwhile experience.

Hoejer Sluse

Højer Sluse was built in 1861, around the same time with the Højer-Siltoft dike. In earlier days, the ships could safely enter the Højer Canal. 

With an open lock in the dike, ships with masts could sail into Højer Harbor, which was situated within the embankment. The port was connected with the lock factory and used to produce feed flour.

With imposing and incredibly beautiful views of the Wadden Sea, along with lots of birdlife and a fantastic piece of Danish nature, this place is sure to blow your mind away!

Final Words

The North Sea and the surrounding Scandinavian landscape is a once-in-lifetime experience that you got to see, feel, and breathe in. The natural beauty and surreal wonders of the land will leave you breathless, and the memories you soak in the Baltic winds will surely last a lifetime!

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