The World’s Largest Ship Done In LEGO!

Remember not too long ago that we shared with you a video of the world’s largest ship docking? Well now you can get your very own set of LEGO to build that ship!

Maersk Lego

Really huge ships plus LEGO can only mean one thing – awesomeness. The Maersk $190 million shipping ship is a little cheaper when it comes in a LEGO playset. The 1,500-piece official LEGO version of the Maersk Tripe E will set you back $199 and it’s different from other LEGO playsets in more ways than one. The LEGO Maersk ship features new LEGO brick colors that are exclusive to this set and it is so incredibly detailed that it even includes two gold propellers that rotate, removable shipping containers and crane arms that rotate. Once built, the Maersk ship measures 25 inches long, by 3 inches wide by 8 inches high but don’t put this one in the tub because it won’t float!

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