The World’s Cleanest Car Is Coming To America

Zero Pollution Motors is teaming up with French company MDI to bring a eco-friendly “air cars” to the United States by 2010. Air cars travel at up to 35mph powered by compressed air, but they can reach a top speed of 90mph with a small fuel boost. Billed as “the world’s cleanest car,” the air-powered autos are pollution-free when not using fuel. When the power boost is necessary, they still release less than half the emissions of the Toyota Prius, which is currently the cleanest vehicle available on the American market.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, air cars are also easy on the wallet. A six seater is expected to be approximately $17,800. Filling up the tank with air costs just $2 and air cars get an astonishing 106mpg. Air car owners will only need to spring for an oil change once every 31,000 miles because the engine is so clean.

Read more for a gallery of air car pics that may make it even harder not to go postal the next time you break the bank taking your old-fashioned gas-guzzler to the pump.

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