The Walking Bike Offers A Helping Foot


Environmentalists will tell you that there are only two proper ways to get around in these days of global warming; bike riding and walking. Why not bound these two transportation methods into one? The Walking Bike from Max Knight uses specially modded wheels which have 8 sneakers attached instead of a typical treaded tire.

Not only does The Walking Bike look pretty sweet, but it is actually rideable. It might not be the smoothest ride you’ve ever had, and you might not win the Tour De France while riding it, but sometimes function must suffer for fashion.


Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Wrongo. Bike riding and walking both require breathing. Breathing means you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Turns out that bike riding and walking both contribute to global warming. So this cute little bike that does “both” really is just as bad as a car, but looks just about as stupid as a Prius.

  2. @iamjamieq Bike riding has nowhere near the amount of emissions as an automotive. There is just absolutely no comparison of the two. I don’t even see how you can say it’s just as bad for the environment.

  3. iamjamieq stays away from magnets cause he heard there is iron in his blood.

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