The Ultimate Paintball Gun: A favorite with the guys with man-boobs crowd


We never understood the allure of paintball guns. For some reason, the prospect of shooting each other with pain filled projectiles never got our motor going. Though we must admit, the Ultimate Paintball Gun looks pretty bitchin’.

With two barrels at your sides, each full of a tank load of paint ammunition, nothing will make you feel more like a man. Pictured above is the spokeperson of the National Man Boob committee, and he seems to be enjoying his time with the gun. More after the jump.



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  1. This is for loosers. All it does is throw paint. Requires no skill what so ever.

  2. i agree w/ mr. bill, but if u find a good camping spot, or if ur team has a bunch of noobs it might come in handy.

  3. Mr. Bill, throwing paint is a vital part of paintball. Suppression fire, man! Suppression fire! If he has the money to actually fill that thing with paint and air, then I want his fat @$$ on my team.

  4. fack you beach

  5. what a lard that sux

  6. Wow, you guys must get laid A LOT!

  7. An Asian Paintballer

    Horrible gun, expensive I bet and a waste of paint. No skill and suppressing fire is pretty useless. It might keep their heads down but you have to stand up to shoot that thing and I’m pretty sure crouching, getting into cover, and running with that thing on is a no-no. OVERALL – I’d rather have a pump paintball gun

  8. My opinion is this is a very creative setup. I’D definitely use this and i give the guy commendation for building it.

  9. No skill and suppressing fire is pretty useless.? my 5 man A-5 woods ball team would beg to differ

  10. Haha. This is really dumb guys. I would not actually mind playing this guy I would bonusball him. Oh and I’ll take on your 5 man team alone. D3 CFOA!!!!

  11. Wow guys. Really? Arguing? Trash talking? I’m sure that thing is fun as hell to shoot, and if the guy has the money to throw paint everywhere and build a machine to let him throw paint, then leave him alone. I’m sure that if any one of you had the chance to try shooting that contraption you’d say sure.

  12. that gun is awosome

    id toatally use tht dude get him to fire it while the other people on his team snuck around and got the others in the back cause the othr dudes would worry so much about getting thier hed down that they wouldnt pay attion to their surroundings.<i might have spelled tht wrong.

  13. total rape, but totally in accuratre

  14. Looks like a bit of fun making one of them….tactically useless though

  15. if he tried to run with that he would probably trip and break something important. looks fun to use but i think it would probably would be better for a noob who sits in the back and covers everyone else.

  16. tactically that thing is greatly useful, thats like saying a SAW in a fireteam is useless, its used to keep the enemies head down and fire suppressed so that the other members of your squad can move up and flank your opponent. learn military strategy and gain some knowledge fools.

  17. Now that is what i am talking about i would love to have that person on my TEAM !!!!!
    If any body lives in the colonie N.Y. area and looking for a team we are looking for a few good players. wright me back my e-mail is [email protected]

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