The Pros of Adding Reseller Hosting to Your Website

Reseller hosting

Since you’re already subscribing to a hosting service to run your website on, it’s a wise decision to upgrade to a reseller web hosting package to turn your hosting expense into a profitable venture. There are many pros to having your own reseller web hosting account. You will be able to charge companies for space on the web servers you are already leasing, reducing the costs of your own hosting and likely turning a profit from your hosting account. You will also be able to extend your brand, expand your services, and present a more comprehensive array of package options to clients.

Make Money with Reseller Website Hosting

Reseller hosting packages provide an excellent opportunity for website owners to make money. If you own a professional website then you already need to have a web hosting account, so you might as well rent your account out to others to turn a profit on this potential expense.

Most major web hosts offer reseller packages that let you brand your own hosting services for lease by other companies and individuals. You will be able to allocate space and bandwidth to other businesses using your own brand and labeling. You can even choose the pricing and payment options with a reseller web hosting account.

If your reseller hosting account costs $40 per month, and you divvy up the resources between 5 companies whom you charge $10 per month each, you will make a $10 per month profit instead of paying a regular hosting bill every month. Extrapolating on this basic business model shows you can earn hundreds of dollars per month by simply having a couple dozen clients of your own.

To make sure that everything goes smoothly you need to invest in one of the best reseller hosting providers. 

Easy Earning with Reseller Web Hosting Businesses

Another pro of running your own reseller hosting business is that it’s super easy to do. This turnkey style business allows you to charge for services by simply inputting a few fields to allocate your server resources and setting a monthly or annual billing schedule for clients.

The physical maintenance of the servers and related equipment is all taken care of by your primary host provider. You won’t need to pay for new equipment, repairs, overhead, or energy bills while running your reseller web hosting business.

This type of business can serve as your primary income, or be a great addition to any web design or development company. It’s also a great way for marketers and individual entrepreneurs to cash in on a valued need of nearly every business in the world.

There are automated software packages to send out the billing statements and reminders to your reseller clients. You can also use the primary host’s automated allocation tools to setup the servers in a shareable configuration. These tools make reselling web hosting one of the easiest, most autopilot-friendly ways to earn money on the web.

Expand Your Brand

One of the greatest pros of adding a reseller contract to your web hosting package is the expansion of your company’s branding. You will be able to place your own logo and business branding on the hosting account and with the right primary hosting provider your clients will never realize you aren’t the actual owner of the physical web servers. This is a great way to establish your company as a major player in the web development or marketing industries.

Offer More Services

If you’re a web designer or developer and in need of more services to entice potential clients then reseller web hosting is the best place to start. By offering hosting services you are setting yourself apart from the plethora of designers who require clients to create their own hosting account.

Bypassing a confusing step for many clients and having them register with your own hosting company is way to make hosting a straightforward process for everyone. Offering this additional service impresses many clients and they will feel more assured knowing you are in control of the entire website from hosting to the frontend design or marketing.

Adding the reseller package will also allow you to have more content and package options on your service lists. This creates a comprehensive, balanced image for your own brand and gives clients the idea that you know what you’re doing in every aspect of the website business.

Creating a reseller website hosting account is one of the best ways to earn money on the web. You can turn what is now an expense into a profit while better serving your own clients. Offering the additional service of web hosting is a great way to make your web design or marketing business seem more complete and impress customers. By using your own branding with the reseller web hosting you will be able to further the quality of your branding and let customers know that you’re capable of managing every digital aspect of their business.

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