The NSX Concept-GT Hybrid Race Car

If you’re waiting to see the 2015 NSX hybrid then this preview of the NSX concept-GT hybrid race car could be the sneak peek you’re looking for.

NSX Concept-GT

The upcoming 2015 NSX hybrid will be sold as an Acura in the US and is being anxiously awaited by NSX lovers worldwide. NSX lovers have been hankering for their fix since Honda ceased production of the car back in 2005 to focus their efforts on hybrid and eco-friendly vehicles. As we await the NSX hybrid release though, take a look at the NSX Concept-GT, a race car – yes, you heard us right – designed to compete in the Japanese SUPER GT series. The Concept-GT features a 2.0L turbocharged direct-injection I4 paired with a racing hybrid system.

Looking for more news on the 2015 NSX hybrid? Stay tuned for more.

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