The Next Upcoming UK Esport Tournament You Can Bet On

Sports and betting have always gone together. Any sports fanatic who really cares about his team has betted on their victory (or loss!) at least once in his life — and esports fans are no different. Esports betting is still new to the betting world but is quickly catching on since it’s both profitable and exciting. 

Bet on Esport

But don’t let your excitement cloud your judgment! Feeling passionate about your team isn’t enough of a requisite to start esports betting — you also need to find a reliable esports betting website. There are plenty of unreliable esports betting websites out there that have misleading deposit bonuses and are really scams for your money. A good esports betting site will list out the events and tournaments, have a variety of payment options, and are reputed for their legal promotions. 

We recommend that you check out UK esports betting sites that are vetted and verified so that the only way you lose money is through a bad bet, not in a scammy betting site!

Now that you’ve made your selection in a trusted betting site, it’s time to find upcoming tournaments that you can start betting on! 

This process is exciting as well: you get to bet on your favorite UK teams and do your research on the opposing team to predict for yourself who’s more likely to win. 


What is an upcoming tournament in the UK I can bet on? 

A huge important tournament that’s going on right now is the LEC Season 2021. This is the League of Legends (LOL) European Championship. It is a very big deal, and UK’s team Fnatic has been killing it thus far. They’ve been winning games left, right, and center: and you can bet on their next game now. 

Fnatic is a professional UK Esports brand that was founded back in 2004. They always put forth the best esports professional players and their team for LEC is top-notch. They have teams for every relevant game, including Valorant and Dota 2, FIFA, and Rainbow Six Siege. 

Currently, they have separate teams for League of Legends for the LEC tournament, and the NLC tournament (Northern League of Legends) 2021 as well. 

On Saturday, 12th June, the Fnatic team will compete against the Misfits for the LEC tournament. The Misfits Gaming are a Florida based esports team that is famous for their League of Legends team. You can find out more about the active players in their squad over here

Even if you choose not to bet on this upcoming game, there are plenty more upcoming games in the same League of Legends European Championship tournament. We recommend that you do your own research: and this includes searching about the players in each time, their record history, and watching recorded live streams of their previous games. 

Of course, not everyone betting in an esports tournament needs to know everything about the players and game. You can make smart betting decisions even without diving headfirst into League of Legends or any other game. 

How to sign-up for UK Betting? 

Once you’ve narrowed down your trusted gaming site of choice, you simply need to open an account. Most sites will require some form of identity verification and proof, this is normal. You will then have to set up the payment method of choice. For your benefit, choose a betting site that has the best sign-up bonus! 


We’re so glad you’ve decided to step into the world of e-sports gaming. Esports betting, just like any other form of betting can be a risky rollercoaster — but it’s also so rewarding if you make the right decisions! Since you’re passionate about esports to begin with, putting your money where your mouth is shouldn’t be difficult at all. 

Good luck!

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