Keeping Healthy While Gaming

Keeping Healthy While Gaming

Spending time playing video games is something that many individuals, young and old alike, enjoy partaking in to unwind. Video game culture has grown so much that there are even designated e-sports teams found across the world, to compete in certain titles, much like you find with traditional sports. It is important that you maintain your health while playing games, as too much of a sedentary lifestyle, mixed with the use of screens, can cause a number of health issues. 

Eye Problems

Too much time spent in front of a screen can have a number of effects on a person’s eyes, as well as vision in general. Your left or right eye jumping can be a sign of too much strain on the eyes. Spending time away from the screen, as well as wearing eyeglasses, should your optometrist prescribe them, can help to reduce these symptoms. If ignored, you might find that you often get headaches, which can last from a few hours to the whole day, and even make you feel nauseous. Eye fatigue can also contribute towards this. Again, regular breaks can help the eyes to relax. On top of this, having a good sleep schedule, and not spending too many late nights playing video games, can reduce the likelihood of eye spasms and twitches. 


Sitting or lying down and playing video games may help you to unwind and find enjoyment, but that doesn’t mean they are doing your body any good. While engaging in regular exercise is important, that doesn’t mean the rest of the day should be spent sat down. In fact, research has found that the more sedentary your lifestyle is, the greater the risk is for you to suffer from heart problems, Type 2 Diabetes, and cancer, alongside the higher likelihood of obesity and a low level of fitness. 


Studies have also found that many gamers prefer to eat while they play, which also isn’t likely to be doing the body any good. Due to this, it is more than likely that the food that is being consumed is not all that healthy, ranging from a quick sandwich to a takeaway pizza. On top of this, it means you are also missing out on crucial time with your family and friends, discussing and building those bonds, which is lost when you are not present at the dinner table. Instead of eating at your computer or console, it can be good to get into the habit of eating dinner prior to gaming. This way, you can make sure that you consume a healthy meal, full of nutrients. Drinking plenty of water, and keeping a bottle to hand while you game, can also help you to stay hydrated.

There is nothing wrong with having video gaming as a hobby, so long as you are looking after your overall health, and it is not preventing you from carrying out any essential daily tasks. Getting yourself into a good routine can improve your health, and even make your concentration when gaming that much better. 

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