The Music of the Things

The room contains: duct tape, a goblet, a Kiev rangefinder camera, a bedspring, a toolbox, and a lace thong. That’s some cool room you’re sampling there, Mateusz Zdziebko. Like a room out of some louche, kinky game of Clue.

As the radiator clanks and my office mate swishes through a ledger book, though, I’m reminded how much I love the implicit music of things. All these gadgets and objects are like little household gods murmuring to themselves, surrounding us with an intimate, ambient music of the spheres. They crowd in around us, the same way mannerist painters were surrounded by cherubim and seraphim and nineteenth-century painters were beset by fluorescent gothic architecture and whorls of sunlight. �Video via Smoking Cinammon Sticks

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  1. This is really marvellous. I’ve been making little homemade recordings with an iPhone app called “Everyday Looper” (with whisk, knife on the side of the counter, my kid’s toy monster trucks).

    Anyone interested in this form needs to check out “Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers”, where artists invade an elderly couple’s apartment to musicify its contents, on YouTube here:

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