The Most Popular Portable Tech Devices on Which to Play Online Casino Games

Casino on mobile

In this day and age there’s no shortage of ways and means to gain access to online casino games. After all, we’re living (working, resting and playing, to be exact) in 2018, a time and a place (wherever, essentially) when most of us frequent a wide range of mobile platforms to gain instant access to the world wide web. Be it for communicating with one another (via social media), file transferal, banking/transactions, work, marketing/promoting, surfing (remember when we all used to use that jargon), research/education or leisure purposes – to name but a few – we all reach for our smartphones, laptops, tablets and a variety of other hand-held devices without even thinking these days.

An industry which has really benefitted from the advent and subsequent evolution of ways in which our portable tech can make key aspects of our lives that much more immediate and interactive, is online casinos. Nowadays it’s possible to connect to your favourite virtual slots games at the touch of a screen, and instantly start playing all the same games you’re familiar with from your laptop or MacBook Pro. Be that screen belong to a smartphone or tablet. Although it may seem like it’s been around for a lifetime, the very first mobile app came kicking and screaming into a brave new world as recently as 2008; yet in the intervening decade app designers (in collaboration with online casino games providers, in-house or third party) have worked tirelessly to give us unrestricted access to all our favourite games while we’re out and about.

Advanced Usability Means Online Casino Players Have Freedom to Indulge on the Go

Apple’s iPhone, iPad, together with a myriad of Android-based platforms have enabled wide and far-ranging usability features, and elsewhere app stores such as the aforementioned Apple’s iTunes or Google’s own version have made it possible to download dedicated apps. Aside from that Windows-based phones have been designed to cater for mobile-friendly games courtesy of responsive and interactive portable tech devices per se.  Connectivity between online casino sites and tablets is seamless too, putting users in control of their virtual betting practices with blink-of-the-eye ease and technological prowess.

When you think about it we spend a significant percentage of our lives on the move, both from working and personal perspectives. Sat on trains and buses getting to and from destinations, or being equally restless passengers on car journeys. Or alternatively doing that thing we all do when our friends disappear to either the bar or toilet on a night out; sitting staring at our mobile devices so as to avoid the gaze of strangers. With this in mind being able to dip in and out of online casino games as and when we choose is of paramount importance to this generation of people who insist on being linked in 24/7. Which is precisely the juncture where our geek-savvy smartphones, tablets and laptops compete against one another to offer the best of the best.

Where once, when online casino games were first being pioneered and adapted to suit the altogether different and ongoing challenges of mobile tech (screen size capabilities for starters), quantity and indeed, quality were at times being compromised during continual development, today’s market place ensures that such portable products offer virtual slots users the very same functionality and facilitation as laptop and PC versions of the same games do. Demand has necessitated this, as increased numbers of online casino fans want comprehensive access to their casino fix whilst on the go.

German Online Game Users Letting Their Fingers Do the Walking and Talking

In Europe a number of countries have observed a marked surge in the popularity of mobile gaming across the board, with Germany finding itself at the forefront of this tech revolution. Just last year the country’s mobile games market saw revenue hit close to 500 million Euros according to gaming experts, buoyed by in-app purchases up some 21% from comparable 2016 figures. In a separate report the respected research firm, Deloitte announced that during the past few years mobile gaming has witnessed enormous growth, with smartphone use spearheading the increase. It’s reported that of 2,000 internet users polled by Deloitte, 37% admitted to playing games on their hand-held devices on average once a week, while 14% confirmed that they enjoyed the experience on a daily basis; fuelling the suggestion that online casino games are very much seen to be moving with these times.

Away from PC’s and Laptops, Our Smartphones Prove the Most Popular Portable Tech Device on Which to Indulge Our Love of Online Casino Gameplay

Returning to the subject of which device might be considered the most popular here and now, and we’re under the impression that smartphones edge it when it comes to playing online casino games whilst on the move. Purely based on their peerless versatility, shape and diminutive size (yes, even the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s humongous screen), the current crop of smartphones take the good fight to their tablet counterparts looking to steal some of the limelight from the big, er, sorry, small boys. But then compact-proportioned contemporary vessels for accessing online casino games doesn’t stop with the very latest smartphones we understand, as we now have it on good authority that the next wave of Apple Watches will house virtual gaming functionality. Yes, developers are working on adapting existing online casino games for screens which can be worn on our wrists, believe it or not. So brace yourselves for the vision of a graphically-resplendent roulette wheel the size of, well no bigger than a watch face coming to a (very) small screen near you soon!

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