The Model 914 PC-BOT: a PC on wheels

914 pc-botIf you’re a PC hobbyist and are willing to dish out a measly 5 grand, then maybe you should look into the Model 914 PC-BOT. This PC-robot is basically a PC on wheels that can interact with the physical world; something that some people wish their laptops would do. Once you pull the 914 PC-BOT out of the box and get it set up, you can navigate your little friend 3 ways: manually via mouse, keyboard, or joystick; autonomously; or in “explore” mode in which it will scour an area without hitting anything. With the ability to have your new friend navigate autonomously, you can use the built in webcam so you can check up on your house anytime or anywhere via a remote PC. One cool the idea that the makes give you is that this could be very easily turned into a mobile media, maybe playing music throughout your house. What’s great about the 914 PC-BOT is just that; you have the power of a PC in the mobility of a robot. This allows you to customize your BOT to do whatever you want with custom algorithms. The manufacturers suggest modding your PC-BOT with some of the thousands of inexpensive plug’n’play PC components. Come on, for $5000, who wouldn’t want their PC to follow them around the house?

914 pc-bot

Nick Rice

Model 914 PC-BOT [via Gizmos for Geeks]

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