The Last HOPE: Holy Shit, That’s A Lot of Sliders

On Sunday, nearly all the LEGOs were gone. Needless to say, we were heartbroken, but then we came upon this redeeming build. A construct of White Castle slider boxes. What do you think it is? We have no idea. One thing is for certain, we’re getting a Crave Case for dinner tonight.

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  1. as one of the builders i can say this was a white castle castle constructed in the wee hours of saturday night (technically sunday morning). This picture portrays the ruins of said white castle as all of the middle walls seem to have collapsed.

  2. Thanks, Dan. I was wondering what it was!

  3. if you email me [email protected] i can send you the pictures we took prior to it collapsing. special thanks to the security desk who donated a large portion of their slider boxes to construct this as well

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