The Last HOPE Concludes

Well, it’s Sunday night and the Last HOPE Conference has concluded. It’s hard for me to reflect back, seeing as I never attended HOPE before. I noticed the place was dead today as vendors packed up and groups gathered to finish activities and chat. It really makes me think that the hacking of yesteryear is dead and that a new era of DIY, eco-hacking and software are going to change the game. It sounds a bit cliche but the Internet has evolved, security has changed and kids are finding new ways to spend their time instead of learning old techniques.

No matter. This year’s conference was a lot of fun. We got to dive into things we’re normally fooling around with and take a different approach to covering the conference. With that said, if you search around or click this particular link right here, you’ll be able to check out all of our coverage. From robot builds to t-shirts to speakers to lockpicking, we saw it all. It’s been real. Keep on hacking and make sure you leave your thoughts on this event in the comments.


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