The fine line between Lego builder and Lego artist


What’s the difference between a Lego builder and a Lego artist? The answer is simple. Nathan Sawaya. Formerly studying law, Sawaya decided his life needed to go in a different direction. That direction happened to be a professional Lego artist. He currently displays his “brick” works in exhibitions.

Legos have never held this much cultural significance. Or something like that. I dunno, just trying to sound artsy. But wow, take a look at more of these pics after the jump.





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  1. Wow. Good stuff. Toys being used as art… hmm…

  2. Cool! I really like the red guy, but I wish the blue guy was reaching for one of the legos in the pile to be building his arm (but maybe he is {building his arm} it’s hard to tell)

  3. you have been buzzed

  4. These sculptures are great!

  5. such talent!

  6. Woooow ! That is great stuff !

    Nathan Sawaya is a very good artist !

  7. Gazimba P. Gazorta

    I say rag-mop [doodly-ah-dee-dah-dah!)
    Ragmop [doodly-ah-dee-dah-dah!)
    R-A-G-G-M-O-P-P, ragmop!!

  8. Cool! That yellow guy and red guy creations are so cool!

    I really like the yellow one where he is opening his own chest and stuff falls out. Thats so cool!!!!

    Great work with something so common, old, and everyday like a lego brick!!!!!

  9. That is really cool.

  10. Wow!

    Dude, that is awesome!!!

  11. Unbelievable! I am truly impressed. In awe!

  12. these builbings are awesome, keep doing your thing

  13. Bland. Makes me feel nothing at all.

  14. That is soooooooo awsome…. Wot a LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. nathan ist einer der besten oder sogar der beste logo bauer oder besser gesagt akrobat den es gibt. soooooooooooooooooooooooo gggeeeiiilll

  16. ich meinte lego bauer und nicht logo

  17. Are you single? Your Hot!!

  18. nitasha-sho-la

    im doing an assignment on some work of his, but you guys should chek out “Rebirth of New Orleans”

    =that one is the maddest!

  19. Barnegat Blummis

    There’s a pile of crap that’s named Kandy the Embezzler who ruined her family. Her aunt’s retirement money is gone because of her. What a bitch.

  20. how the hell do they do that stuff

  21. how the hell did do that stuff its like so bitching cool

  22. How the heck! That must’ve taken days, and LOADS of legos! It’s just pure talent and creativity, man!

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