The Bright Future of i-Gaming


Ever since the first online gambling sites sprouted within the heady climate of the late-1990s internet industry, i-gaming has blossomed into one of the most enjoyed, most lucrative forms of internet-based entertainment in the world. Today, hundreds of millions of players bet and win enormous sums of money every day, so much so that in 2015 the worldwide online gaming market is looking set to be worth $41.4 billion in total! What does this massive growth mean for the future of the activity? What amazing and intriguing innovations will we see within the industry in the coming years?

The notion of a video game and what a game actually entails is changing and advancing all the time, and perhaps here we will see the biggest change within i-gaming. No longer will we be only able to play 2D, rather basic games more akin to a poor-quality browser game. Instead, we’ll be treated by fully-3D, high-definition, engrossing and interesting titles that will pay more attention to the gaming tenets of the console scene. Characterisation, amazing environments, gameplay that makes you think; as more cash goes in to the genre and players demand more from i-gaming developers, only good things will happen!

But how do you play your games? Is it on a PC? Via a console such as a PS4 or Xbox One? Or do you tap and flick your way to the land of fun through a mobile device? If your answer is the latter, you’ll be happy to know that this is the medium that likely holds the future of the i-gaming scene. Mobile gaming development is a booming industry, spearheaded by sites such as UptownAces, and as smartphones and tablets become more and more widespread and powerful – closing the gap between them and other, currently more technologically advanced systems – i-gaming will come to represent mobile gaming.

Why? Because mobile and i-gaming fit together very snugly indeed. Games are usually short, quick experiences, played during commutes, waits or whilst watching TV. That device in your hand is portable, powerful and oh so accessible, so in the future we’re likely to see a mobile-isation of the online gambling industry.

As more cash flows in to the coffers of developers, we’ll see the prizes and promotions grow even larger than they are today. Such deals have hugely proliferated as competition levels within the industry have increased, but as more players flock to sites and more money is available, lady luck’s touch will be ever more lucrative!

What would you like to see from the i-gaming industry in the coming years? Let us know below.

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