The Booze Belt: The beer supply for the handy man


You might remember a little show called Home Improvement, where Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor would always have his nondetachable tool belt with him at all times. This is like the same thing, but for violent alcoholics.

The Booze Belt insures a constant supply of brew right at your fingertips. It’s the closest thing to intravenously pouring it into your system, but with none of those painful needles around. The Booze Belt is available now for $89.99. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Pretty cool, but it would sell better with a woman model… like being in Mexico and getting shots at Carlos and Charlies

  2. Nothing quite says Party Dude like a beat full of booze… couple this with a beer hat and you’re golden!

  3. i believe that is a woman model, does this come with the booze included…

  4. i wonder why they would have photoshopped this picture… (look at the lid of the bottle on the left).. just seems so unnecessary lol

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