The Best 5 Mugs EVER

There are plenty of mugs around but some are far better than others so today we’d like to pay homage to five of them.

Drink Selector Mug

1. The Drink Selector Mug is the perfect gadget if you have someone like me making your drink. Seriously…cannot remember a thing. You can pick this one up here for $23.99

2.The On Off Mug might be simple but it’s also really cool in a 90’s kind of way. You can pick this one up [amazon link=”B0048NURB2″ title=”here”] for $8.46.

Cookie Monster Mug

3. The Cookie Monster mug is the best gift a cookie lover could ask for. Grab your cookie holding mug on eBay for around $16.

Coaster Coffee Mug

4. The Coaster Coffee Mug is all about keeping the furniture free from coffee mug rings …or course it could then leave a coaster ring… This one hasn’t been produced yet but it has been fully funded through Kickstarter!

Color Coded Mug

5. The Color Matching Coffee Cup is a pretty nifty way of making sure that your drink maker gets your drink right every time. This is particularly important when it comes to tea. You can grab this awesome mug [amazon link=”B0010B464Y” title=”here”] for $12.72.

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