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Celebrity “Mug”shots

Where else should mugshots go but on mugs? These Celebrity Mugshot Mugs remind us that even the rich and famous have their notorious indiscretions. You don’t have to be poor to be scummy. Including some of our favorites, such as Hugh Grant, Frank Sinatra, Al Pacino and more. Snatch up your favorite mugshot for about $13 before they’re gone for ...

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CTRL+ALT+DEL Cup Set Force Quits Your Tea Drinking Plans

Windows users are all too familiar with the CTRL+ALT+DEL key combination, loading the task manager and allowing you to force quit any applications which are acting screwy, which at some point, is every app on Windows. Seriously, at some point, every app will have failed at least once, including the Explorer itself. Actually, especially the Explorer itself. I really hate ...

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Link Mugs Conjoin Like Siamese Twins

One reason I hate having guests over is having to juggle three or four mugs of coffee at once. You’d think they’d be polite and reject my offers of a warm beverage, but no, it’s always take, take, take. Why is� there never any give?! HUH?! Anyway, the point is that juggling so many mugs isn’t only annoying, it could ...

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