The Benefits of Using Queue-Based Lead Management Software in Sales

Motivating your Sales Development Reps (or SDRs) to hit their quota can be challenging, especially when the pressure is on them to pick the next lead to contact. Typically, they will choose from a list of leads generated by traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, which not only takes time but also results in other leads being ignored.

As SDRs focus on “high-value” leads, the others fall through the cracks meaning a lot of missed opportunities for sales. In the end, this process ends up costing a business valuable time and money that could easily be remedied with the right Sales Engagement Platform.


How Sales Engagement Software Helps

Check out VanillaSoft for the best sales engagement solutions out there. They can offer your sales team software that provides reps with leads using a queue-based approach that can be customized to specific lead criteria and sales cadence.

For example, sales managers can tweak queuing priorities based on geography, the amount of time the contact has been waiting in the queue, customer pain points, and other factors. From there, the software presents reps with the next best lead based on the specified criteria, removing any need for guesswork. This automated process of queue-based leads means an increase in productivity and better list penetration for each individual, ensuring the least amount of lead wastage.

Your sales team will see several benefits, including:

  • A more focused approach to sales where reps can concentrate on leads one at a time
  • Less pressure to choose the best leads
  • Time saved by not having to filter, meaning more time spent on individual contacts
  • No more cherry-picking and lead neglecting
  • Targeted leads based on granular scoring and metrics based on predetermined specifications
  • Better streamlining through the sales pipeline

Overall, sales engagement software makes a sales rep’s job easier by removing the guesswork and providing them with targeted leads.

Promotes Proactive Follow Up

Another benefit not yet mentioned about queue-based lead management is that it encourages reps to follow up with leads. In fact, studies have shown that many reps fail to follow up on the majority of their leads and often give up after just one attempt.

Queue-based, automatic routing connects reps with leads at different stages to streamline cadence and ensure that they are being contacted at the right time. Because everything is automated, it removes the hesitation that a rep may feel about being too persistent or too pushy.

It’s also useful for managing a large amount of contact data so that the rep doesn’t have to rely on their memory or out-dated CRM systems that lack automated processes. No lead gets left behind when your sales engagement platform is funneling them through to the next available rep in a timely, relevant manner.

Consider Making the Switch

Your traditional CRM solution simply lacks the sophistication that sales engagement platforms can offer. While CRM focuses on maintaining customer relationships, a SEP is designed to make a sales rep’s life easier and streamline sales teams for the highest level of performance and efficiency.

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