The Army’s Latest Anti-Bomb Weapon — Paintball Guns

Let’s say that you’re a soldier traveling with your squad through hostile territory. On the road ahead, you spot something that looks suspiciously like an explosive. You signal your squad to stop, and you whip out the latest anti-bomb weapon provided to you by the government — a paintball gun.

Actually, this isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds. The army is looking into developing paintball guns which could be loaded with components that would help to identify the presence of explosives.

The main problem that seems to be holding back this research is accuracy. Since the paintballs would need to be fired from a distance safe enough to avoid harm if the explosive is detonated, the guns would need some serious firepower. Right now, there just isn’t a paintball gun that provides that kind of accuracy.


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  1. I am very interested in this project. Where did you find your information?

  2. Whoa… hahaha. My husband’s in the army, he’d love this. Paintball training!

  3. Thsi would be a huge development for the safety of our soldiers… I really hope this works!

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