The 5 Most Affordable Alarm Monitoring Company in 2019


Security is becoming a pressing concern today due to a rising number of break-ins into private properties. You can’t afford to leave anything unprotected, whether it’s your workplace or your home.  With the new wave of intruders using their own tech to bypass old security systems, new ones have come to replace them. The new home or office alarm monitoring systems function much in the same traditional method. Detecting intrusion and alerting the concerned authorities in the shortest time possible. The new systems have easier user interfaces with more security features that cannot be overridden or decrypted by even the techiest of all intruders. We would like to give you a run through of the best alarm monitoring systems of 2019, so you get the best alarm monitoring company looking over your property.

#1 LifeShield Home Security is the first you need to know about. When asked the question about affordability and reliability, LifeShield Home Security has you covered. LifeShield is a reputed company which offers you the most advanced tech you need to safeguard your property. LifeShield does not have a contract system which makes it an affordable purchase and has all the DIY schemes to make installation that’s pretty easy-to-understand at the same time. The only drawback to this is almost negligible where all your devices are only given one year’s warranty. But don’t let that get to you since LifeShield offers you a 30-day money back guarantee offer on every purchase you make.

#2 Link Interactive offers you one of the best affordable deals for home security with a high-end alarm monitoring company in the midst of intense competition persisting in the market where quality cannot be compromised for price. Link Interactive charges lower than the average monthly fee while having you covered in a 3-year contract. If you wish it also provides a free control panel, and there aren’t any other costs associated with the contract. All the equipment and devices can easily be purchased online, but the issue arises where you must purchase the equipment upfront. The equipment comes with your usual 3-year warranty. When it comes to the overall verdict, Link Interactive is probably the most effective home security for the affordable price attached to it, and also, one of our recommended picks.

#3 ADT is one of the most renowned names you will ever come across when it comes to home security and alarm monitoring systems. They have achieved a remarkable reputation through their cutting-edge technology and their pricing strategies, which will convince you exactly why ADT means business when it comes to security. ADT offers you a whopping 6-month return policy which means that you have 6 months to decide why choosing ADT is worth. You won’t be left disappointed while dealing with professionals. Along with that, you get 24-hour access to very responsive customer support to assist you with any difficulties associated with installation. The company requires you to have a three-year contract but in return, offers you a lifetime warranty for all equipment purchased. The only downside to all is the cancellation fees you might have to incur, in case you may want to terminate your contract early.

#4 Frontpoint is all you need to know to cover all your security needs with the most affordable schemes and the best support and installation services. Frontpoint makes sure that you don’t have to do anything or face any difficulties, so it ensures complete customer support. The installation will be a breeze since it doesn’t require an appointment and is meant to be installed by the buyer which cuts down the installation costs significantly while allowing you to place it anywhere you wish. Frontpoint currently has a wide range of security devices at their disposal and offering total coverage. This company too has a three-year contract plan, but it is the most affordable scheme available. The overall performance offered by Frontpoint will be highly enjoyed by those who would like to install their systems without going through any hassle.

#5 SimpliSafe comes last on the list but doesn’t let that get to you since this company offers you the most flexible plans for total home security and alarm monitoring system. SimpliSafe is recommended for those who wouldn’t want to get too committed since it doesn’t offer any contracts with feasible monthly maintenance costs. SimpliSafe offers you DIY installation and alarm monitoring on a professional level, suited for the needs of those who want things to be their way.  You’re not going to be sacrificing much considering the cons attached to SimpliSafe. The equipment offered here are relatively cheap but do not compromise quality.

These are some of the best alarm monitoring companies that we recommend and they each have their own unique selling points and offers. Never compromise home security so always get the best alarm monitoring company to ensure full security to your property.

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