The 3 Top Benefits To Upgrading To A Swiss CNC Machine

Though many advances have been made with standard CNC machining with regards to accuracy, there comes a point when an upgrade is needed. For businesses like e-cigarette manufacturers and dental implant manufacturers, those older machines are not hitting the mark.

This is the point at which an upgrade to a Swiss CNC machine is necessary. For small, complex parts, there is no equal to a Swiss CNC machine. For your larger and less complex parts, you should keep your older, CNCs, but you may find that you can cut down the number of machines by using a Swizz lathe to do the work.


In this article, we will go over what the primary benefits are to switching to Swiss CNC machines in your shop. 

1 – More capabilities

Faster cycle times and greater flexibility allow a wider range of parts to be manufactured when using a Swiss CNC. The sophisticated controls can make for a much more efficient and streamlined process. That opens up the ability to process parts precisely and, at the same time, ready to be shipped.

The biggest reason for the added capabilities is the fact that the lathe is delivered to the tool rather than vice versa.  Geometrically complicated pieces are made with less deflection correction. 

Even legacy parts that were previously machined on older lathes can be handled in a more efficient manner with less time required.

2 – A wider range of materials

E-cigarettes have many small parts that are made with some materials that are not typical for other types of applications. As such they require a deft touch which a Swiss CNC provides. The same is true of dental implants that utilize either titanium or zirconium. 

These types of parts not only use different materials, but the shape and size also factor into which type of machine should be used. The precision of the Swiss lathe is such that it can handle those different materials with incredible accuracy. Deflection of slender parts is not an issue even when using exotic materials. 

Plastics, aluminum, titanium are commonly machined with Swizz CNC lathes, but less common materials are also machined. 17-7 steel, Maraging, and Kovar are some less familiar materials that are often used when robust steel is required. 

3 – It saves money

A part that is ready to be shipped as soon as it is dropped makes for a very streamlined process. And streamlined processes save money. 

The fast turnaround time is also a way that money is saved so the Swiss CNC machine will enable you to get your parts out faster. There is a possibility of having up to 20 tools on one tool zone which ramps up production. In addition, there can be three or four tools cutting at the same time.

Smaller, less expensive bartstock is used on Swiss machines for even greater savings. 

Lastly, these machines can run unmanned for lights out machining. This can give a major boost to output and is essential for high volume orders while also saving money on labor. 

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