Vaping Made Smoking Cool Again – Here’s What’s Coming Next


Vaping started out by making smoking cool again, the point that you now see teenagers and 20-somethings everywhere sipping on electronic sticks and exhaling white vapour. It’s a fast-growing industry that’s made many fortunes as well. But what’s next in the ever-changing e-cigarette world?

Vaping has always been a dynamic business, and it’s now shifting in a new direction — products driven by the organic demands of enthusiasts. Although the e-cig industry was originally marketed to smokers looking for an alternative, it has quickly become a completely different demographic setting the trends and driving innovations in the industry. For example, consider hookah shops, coffee shops, or juice bars, where the social gathering and atmosphere encourage the consumer to relax, discuss and enjoy.

Perusing your local Vape Shop for the first time may be very different from what you may imagine. Many shops attract the “advanced vaper” who has gone past just experimenting with juice flavours. These connoisseurs have refined tastes that have called for the absolute best organic e liquid UK can currently offer, and the industry has answered their requests. Regulations on vaping and e-cigs may also be pushing the move towards organic e liquids, which is great news for the supporters of e-cigs hoping to break the negative stigma that often comes with vaping. Many of the hardcore vapers will not only turn their noses up at a tobacco cigarette, they avidly protest traditional cigarette smoking due to the many additives and chemicals known to be present. So of course this is fast becoming an impetus for e liquid makers to accommodate their consumers by making organic e liquids available in response to health concerns.

To the hard core vapers and creative techy types, modifying their devices, constantly improving techniques, and sharing their new ideas with like-minded vapers is not just their hobby, but a passion. It’s no longer just nicotine liquids anymore either. Some shops cater to herbalists and aroma therapists, adding yet another dynamic. Low intensity herb vaping and fine tobacco leaf vaping require different temperatures to actually vaporize the plant effectively. This factor combined with a passion for cloud chasing can design produces interesting mods. If this subculture of vaping has peaked your interest, you may quickly be searching for the best vaporizer UK vapers can get to get started with your new hobby.

Vape culture seems to be growing and constantly converting smokers and bringing in new vapers, not just for the act of vaping, but for the community and socializing that happens in shops and at marketing events. Looking to jump right into this entertaining social network and community of free thinkers? We are sure to see many exciting new “PV’s” or personal vaporizers, and organic e liquids at the 2016 Vaper Expo UK taking place this summer at The National Exhibition Centre. With space for over 200 vendors, this will surely be quite an event to satisfy your curiosity.

Perhaps vaping may not be for everyone, but as the stigma of smoking traditional or “analogue” cigarettes becomes worse with every new study, and with the new trend towards organic vape products we can only expect this subculture to continue to thrive. Cloud contests, PV mods, e liquid mixes, and similar things all keep intriguing consumers to create the most personalized vaping experience they can get. The individuality that can be achieved with modern vaping devices is truly inspiring.

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