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Watch enthusiasts know that if you can find a lot of interesting up-and-coming watch designs with a simple Internet search for the latest Kickstarters. Where many established brands tend to showcase comfortable and familiar cookie-cutter designs, there has been a recent surge of stylish timepieces that break away from the norm, but without the price-tags that commonly follow such one-of-a-kind creativity and innovation. If you’re looking for your next timepiece and have a soft spot for unique watches, these are some of the coolest watches we’ve seen yet!


Although it’s a dream for most guys to own a sports bike, others like to spend money on fashion and stylish trends such as a watch. Time flies quickly, and there’s no better way to keep track of the minutes ticking by than with a stylish timepiece. Halographic by Xeric is a hot new watch brand that has entered the market. The design offers a unique look to an industry that is familiar with its mechanics. The hands of the watch are stylized and intricately track the hours and minutes through the hands. Because the watch indicates a current time reading, it’s visually appealing and stands out from the other brands. Features include hands that are easy to read, and they display the time in a unique format. The mechanical watch also doesn’t need batteries to run.


Finding a watch that suits you is important. Watches.com carries cool timepieces that are stylish but not typically found on the average wrist. Prime examples of the most unique watches include the Xeriscope. While far from your average watch, the Xeriscope by Xeric has earned the reputation as a daring designer. The rectangular casing is offset, solid and water resistant. The lugs are straightforward and afford easy base access. The aesthetics of the watch are also unique and individuals can check time by way of the solo halo hand. The crystal is solid and with a classic band. Case colors include rose gold, gunmetal, black, gold black and silver. Other unique features of the Xeriscope include its ability to set the second time zone to places you may be traveling world-wide. Powered by the routine actions of your wrist, no batteries are required.

Vestal Sophisticate Ultra-Thin

Most consumers have an unlimited number of watches to suit their lifestyle. Whether it’s used for sports, work or going out, the Sophisticate by Vestal is a formal version of style and sophistication. The watch captures your attention through its simplicity with the 3 hand clean design. Enclosed in an ultra-thin case, the Swiss Jewel Movement powers the watch. An Italian leather band finishes off the design and wearers find the German stitching and customer buckle the pique of perfection.

Nixon Sentry Leather

Nixon is a custom-built designer that speaks volumes through every product that they make. Their primary goals is to design a line of watches that you probably don’t need, but once your eyes meet, you can’t live without. Watches.com has been chose to be one of the few authorized dealers online to showcase their line. Nixon obsesses over the little things until they get it to where they want. The Nixon Sentry Leather is a classic and makes a large impact with something understated in its size. The brand displays subtle proportions and bold dials that are easy to read. Other important features include date window, 3 hand movements and custom molded hands that illuminate. It’s also water resistant.

A simple adornment such as the watch can grace a wrist and tell a whole story with its stylish and sleek design. If you’re unsure what brand or style is making its mark in today’s timepiece world, the above suggestions are unique and think outside the fashion box.

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