5 Sport Bikes That Are Every Guys Dream

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There is an amazing array of choices to suit your taste if you are a bike lover. It is every guy’s dream to own a super bike (or popularly sports bike). It does not matter whether you are looking just to upgrade your bike experience or want to get into sports bike game or just want a long lasting impression on others. The umbrella of ‘sports bike’ collection is pretty wide. Here is a collection of coolest 5 sports bikes which every bike loving guy dreams of:


Oregon-based Brammo does have an Empulse that they take racing in the TTXCP series, it doesn’t limits itself to this only. It is an electric bike which has killer looks and has a decent range! However, it’s claimed range is only doable at very moderate speeds. Despite this, it is a commuter bike that handles well, goes fast and can be plugged in while you are at work. It is also cost efficient which makes it more appealing.
Marchesini Wheels, 53 HP, weight approx. 420 lbs, Brembo radial-mounted calipers all around, Electric engine capable of 100 MPH speeds, claimed range 100 mile before charge.


It has Showa Big Piston Fork which is great in general. But it does makes the CBR 600RR even better. If you were looking for a sports bike which lets you go fast and nip through curves without any problems, this is going to be your best bet.
599cc four stroke inline four engine, weight 410 lbs when fully fueled, adjustable Showa Big Piston Fork, HMAS shock, dual radial-mounted four piston calipers, 12-spoke cast aluminum wheels
PRICE: $11,490


With Triumph Daytona you can have a great time on track. What amusing is that you will probably be more comfortable using it every day on the than you might be with a full-on superbike. The red sub frame and sharp design are like icing on a cake.
675 Four stroke inline three engine, 128 HP, weight of 405 lbs when fully fuelled, adjustable Ohins TTX shock and NIX30 inverted fork, Brembo monobloc calipers, ABS, quick shifter
PRICE: $13,499


This f3 bike is one of the last bikes under this watch. It accelerates very well. It has some reasonably smoothly distributed power up to its 15,000 RPM redline. MV uses ‘Motorcyle Art’ as its tagline and this bike will further strengthen this tagline.
675 cc four strike inline three engine with counter rotating crankshaft, 126 HP, weight of 381 when dry, Marzocchi Fork and Sachs shock, front and rear Brembo Calipers, MVICS
PRICE: $11,990


The bike has good looks, sounds even better, goes fast, stop well. Hence, it has all the necessary functions which one can ask for. Although, the regular 848 EVO does not have a traction control, quick shifter or that amazing paint job which Corse has.
849 cc Four stroke V-twin engine, 138 HP , dry weight of 368 lbs, Ducati traction control, Ohlins Suspension, 330 mm front brake rotors, dual radial-mounted Brembo four piston calipers, Corse Test Team Graphics

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