A Double Chamber Bike Tire Perfect For Off Road Biking!

When it comes to off road biking, tire punctures can put an end to all the fun but this double chamber tire brings a solution to the table.

Bike Tire

There are tires made specifically for off road biking (the bicycle kind) but they don’t always offer the best ride for your needs and frequently result in punctures. Well, the double chamber bike tire offers riders the opportunity to experience off road biking without having to endure the “snake bite” type punctures that are all too often seen with biking in uneven and off road territory.

The double chambered bike tire was developed by Schwalbe in collaboration with Syntace and has a chamber on the tire that sits next to the rim. This chamber can be pumped up to a higher pressure to prevent off roading territory from causing the tire to flatten to the point of puncture. On the outside of the same tire is an outer chamber of the tire that can be inflated to lower pressures to provide the traction that the flatter off road type tires provide.

The double chamber tire is not yet perfected but researchers and bikers alike hope that the tire will be on the market in the coming months because it solves a great number of problems for bikers from punctures to the tire itself popping off the rim. There is no word yet on how much the double chamber tires will cost, stay tuned for updates.

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