The Technology That Has Completely Changed Dating

dating with technology

Over the years, the way people get together and mingle has changed substantially. In the past, people frequently met up in a public location for the first time. Today, it is almost certain that you’ll meet the love of your life through the Internet. The Internet offers plenty of options for people that are interested in finding a date. Whether you’re on your computer, tablet or phone, you’ll have access to tons of sites and services that can help you find your soul mate. Within this guide, you will discover some of the amazing sites and apps that can help you find a date with little to no effort.

Plenty Of Fish

There is a good chance that you’ve heard of Plenty of Fish. This website just happens to be one of the most popular dating platforms in the world. Today, the POF service is available as a website and a mobile app. Nevertheless, it gained its fame as a simple website. When you browse the Plenty of Fish website, you’ll easily be able to find hundreds of people in your immediate location. No matter what you’re looking for, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to find it.

Just remember that POF is completely free and everyone can sign up. Therefore, it tends to be very popular amongst trolls.

Match is considered to be one of the more reputable dating websites. It has been around for many years and it has now spread all around the world. At the same time, the dating website has now transformed into a dating app as well. The thing that sets apart from the competitors is the fact that it charges a monthly fee. This might be annoyance, but it helps to confirm the validity of the user. If you want a great experience and do not want to be bothered by potential trolls, you’ll definitely want to check out Match.

Chat Lines

If you’re looking for something far more exciting than text messages, you should consider calling a chat line. There is a good chance that you remember chat line services from your past. You would normally call a number and you’d be connected with a like minded individual. Then, you’d spend hours and hours talking with that individual.

Brad Jeffries, dating and relationship guru at Chatline Connect, cautions that while the possibilities for meeting someone through a phone chat line are endless, it’s important to keep privacy concerns top of mind and not to reveal too much information.

You can find hundreds of different chat lines to enjoy. Plus, you can always rest assured knowing that your safe. No matter what you yearn for, you can guarantee that chat lines will be able to help you find it! On top of that, chatting on the phone is far more satisfying than text.


Are you the type of person that is consistently glued to their mobile phone? If so, you should definitely consider checking out Tinder. At this point in time, Tinder is only available as a mobile app. However, Tinder Online is expected to launch sometime in the near future. Tinder is enormously popular and it’ll definitely help you find someone amazing. The app is very popular and suffices as a dating app and a hookup app.


Finally, you should consider trying OkCupid. This is another popular mobile app that helps you connect with singles. The OkCupid app is very similar to a traditional web-based dating website, so it should be easy to understand and utilize for most. Plus, it is used by tons of people. If you do not have a Facebook page, OkCupid is for you! It just happens to be one of the few dating applications that doesn’t required a Facebook account.

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