Tech and Egaming Landscape in Big Way

Virtual Reality& Motion Capture technology will continue to significantly revolutionize the eGaming landscape in a big way

It’s no secret that over the last few years competitive eGaming has exploded onto the worldwide scene in an almost unprecedented manner. Games such as Counterstrike, DOTA &Overwatch have garnered immense international attention from a younger demographic known for traditionally being quite stingy.  This is due large in part to the allure of competing against your peers in an increasingly lifelike virtual world. At present time, one of the only real hurdles of this type of tech is the price.   While a new PS4 will run you a couple hundred bucks, a capable Oculus Rift VR system will set you back a grand easy. These prices are likely to become more consumer friendly as the eGaming world continues to grow. As of late last year eSports was a $278 million industry which is expected to surpass $1 billion as early as 2018.  Boasting a fan base of over 200 million worldwide, this is an industry in which the advancements in gaming tech will have the most short term impact.

Motion Capture might have the biggest potential to evolve the way we game.

One has only to look into Nintendo’s upcoming release of ARMS to get an idea of motion capture’s potential impact. The game, whose demo was released just this week, has seen major interest by the competitive gaming crowd since its announcement in January of this year.  It’s nothing to sneeze at when a competitive community can develop before the game is even released. What sets ARMS apart from current motion capture fan favorite Splatoon is that ARMS is a fighting game.  Gameplay in these titles is especially fast paced & at times complicated, which really lends itself to the ability for players to react in a more physical& straightforward manner.

Not only do features like VR & motion control have the ability to restructure eGaming on a whole, they also will have a drastic effect on the burdening betting market.  While gaming skill these days is solely based on ones aptitude to create a link between their brain and fingers, future gamers will be forced to rely more on physical prowess than ever before. This is something that leading sportsbooks, such as Pinnacle, are well aware of when setting eSports odds.  But fear no, time is still on your side.  In practice, sports betting can become more of how well you can beat your peers in the market than getting over on the bookies.  Which is why it’s supremely important to be aware of the potential for drasticshifts when betting on anything, especially sports.

One roadblock of eGaming has been its ability to grab the attention of the current mainstream sports world and their loyal & feverish fan base.  So how can the platform adapt in order to reach that next step in its evolution?

The short answer is more effective & accurate VR & motions capture technology. The sport on a whole would benefit greatly from the competitor’s ability to be truly in control of each and every aspect of the characters they represent.  One of the perceived issues with eGaming is its lack of physicality, which is a basic requirement in what many deem to be a sport. Modern philosopher George Carlin posited the idea that to truly be considered a sport, the risk of injury must be present.  This idea is not uncommon among sports fans.  Frankly, the emergence of quality VR technology will allow eGaming to break through the barrier in which the competitor and the competition itself are separated by, finally bringing the industry to the forefront of competitive sports.

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