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Wiping Your Brow With Yen

If you have more money then you know what to do with (and that money just happens to be Yen) then you might look a lot like the man pictured above, using the money in anyway you see fit. For those of us with more financial burden, we have to resort to more extreme measures in order to look filthy ...

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31-in-1 card reader makes all others obsolete

So, you’ve got a countless amount of data cards laying around and a separate device for each and every one of them. What a friggen’ waste! The 31-in-1 I-O Data USB2-W31RW reads just about any card you can throw at it. This multi-card reader is also Vista friendly and can actually read your SDHC cards as well. For its massive ...

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Store up to 100,000,000 yen with the Jinsei Ginko ONE

Takara-TOMY showcased an updated version of the Jinsei Ginko Life Bank, instead of storing 500 yen coins, the new model will simply be a counter that you mount on water bottles, and it will count the number of 1 yen coins ($0.01) you have pushed through. Each counter can go up to 9999, but at the Toy Forum the company ...

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Jinsei Ginko: Watch your life on a piggy bank

The Japanese population has one of the highest savings ratios in the world, and this Jinsei Ginko (human life bank) piggy bank helps reinforce that idea to the next generation. The Jinsei Ginko is not like other big banks you have ever seen before. For one thing, it can only take 500 yen coins ($5). Secondly, the more you save, ...

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