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Wrench Ring for the Fashionable Mechanic

As far as manly jewelry goes, you don’t see many candidates. People try, they really do. But most of the results are unisex at best. This 12-point Wrench Ring oozes of testosterone, down to its silver finish. It’s not quiet clear whether you can use the ring for anything manly, like repairing your muscle car or cleaning out your sink’s ...

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Black and Decker Auto Wrench

Sometimes, when I’m hanging out with Mel Gibson, we like to play Niptwist. What’s Niptwist, you ask? It’s a game when I take an adjustable wrench and then clamp down on Mel’s nipples. He screams in delight and then begs for more. After about 45 minutes of this, Gibson passes out and mumbles some anti-semetic rant. Little does Mel know ...

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Electronic pipe-wrench: one size fits all

Not all of us are DIY kind of people, but some are. When there’s a pipe problem we either have to handle it ourselves, or we’ll have to call a plumber. It can sometimes be annoying when we (and the plumber you paid to hire) don’t have the right size of pipe-wrench. Black & Decker has developed this 17USD electronic ...

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