Wrench Ring for the Fashionable Mechanic


As far as manly jewelry goes, you don’t see many candidates. People try, they really do. But most of the results are unisex at best. This 12-point Wrench Ring oozes of testosterone, down to its silver finish.

It’s not quiet clear whether you can use the ring for anything manly, like repairing your muscle car or cleaning out your sink’s pipes (and remember kids, ass crack is mandatory), but keep this ring in your toolbox, just for the hell of it. You never know when a cutie will be walking past your construction site. For those moments, you’ll have an extra touch of class waiting for you.

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  1. No, mechanics do not wear rings. We tend to have too many thoughts of BBQ skin, and twisted off fingers, when we think about wearing a ring.

  2. Im a mechanic and I wear rings,my wedding ring has never been takin off. My dad,mechanic also has never takin his off neither. I do mobile auto mechanics and welding and never had a reason to take it off.

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