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Guy Plays World Of Warcraft All By Himself

It’s a no-brainer that some people play WoW a little too much. MMORPGs have always been about investing an insane amount of time to develop your character. We won’t ridicule forum-goer Gamer Prepared who runs 36 accounts of World of Warcraft because after all, that requires a serious gaming rig. What better way to eliminate the entire purpose of playing ...

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Wrath Of The Lich King Release Date Announced

Many of you World Of Warcraft addicts have been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. It’s the moment where logging on to play your character doesn’t leave you with a fruitless goal of doing nothing more than obtaining gear because now, once again, the level cap will be raised. That means more grinding which will then lead ...

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Would Jesus Play With Lego’s?

We know from the Bible that Jesus was a carpenter, but we don’t now what he would think of this Holy Lego collection. The guys over at Brick Testament put together a project which portrays scenes from the Bible made with Lego’s. Genesis, Exodus, the Garden of Eden, stonings, wrath, plagues, they’re all included. The project was made using over ...

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