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Baby’s First Cubicle: Being Honest with Your Kids

I’m a realist. I’m not going to promise my kid they can do whatever they want, because in reality, they’re likely never going to grow wings out of their asshole and fly. And even more realistic, they’ll almost positively never be President of the United States. I’d say the asshole wings have better odds then that. So I’ve decided that ...

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Dell Offering PC With 192GB of RAM

Fuck the hard drive. That shit is so 1997. Why bother with storage when you can just call up dell for a PC and store everything in the RAM. What, you haven’t heard? Dell is offering the Precision T7500 workstation, which comes with abnormal amount of RAM slots (16 to be specific). Each slot can take a PC10600 stick up ...

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Reynold Rodriguez DJ Workstation A Work of Art

Unless your name is Paul Van Dyk or Matthew Edwards, chances are you won’t be able to spend $3120 on a DJ workstation. After all, if your card-table-in-the-living-room setup isn’t working out, you’re probably destined for your local bar instead of a nightclub. Those of you who have mastered the 1200s, however, can can gaze upon designer Reynold Rodriguez’s DJ ...

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