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Motorized Window Curtain Automatically Follows Peeping Toms

For some people, the easy way out just doesn’t cut it. You could make a good argument that it would have been much easier just to get a curtain that comfortably fit in front of the whole window, or find some blinds that would scare people away. Even a shower curtain would work. But it’s the principle of the thing! ...

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Illuminating Solar Window Blinds Replace Lamps

I’m constantly in search of the strangest lamps and light sources for my bedroom. The solar vertical lamp is much different than your traditional lamp. For one thing, there’s no bulb or electricity powering it. It’s a light source integrated into your window’s vertical blinds that has solar panels on one side that power a LED floor/table lamp or a ...

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It’s My New God

Now, here’s something worth kneeling down to: The Portland, Oregon based arcade known as Ground Kontrol crafted this impressive stained-glass window inspired by the classic arcade game Dig-Dug. Now you’re wondering what makes it cooler than your own MAME arcade cabinet? Simple: it offers gaming salvation for those who are damned to spend eternity in the fiery pits of torment ...

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Arduino Lilypad: Oversized Robotic Arm Directs Plants To Window

Your house plants are withering. You have two options: put them out in the sun or build a gigantic robotic arm that takes up half of your living space. Lively plants at the cost of sleeping in the bathtub doesn’t sound too bad either. The Bartlett School of Architecture showcased their �Experiments in Time� exhibit, which included this steel monstrosity ...

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Pet Peek Gives Your Dog A Spaceship Style Window

When my pet used to jerk around in his sleep, I always wondered whether pets had the same types of dreams and aspirations as humans. Maybe dreams about space exploration? If our mutt’s dream of astronautical ventures, the only proper thing for us as their human masters to do, is to cater to those needs with the Pet Peek. The ...

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