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Get Whipped Into Shape With Whip Footwear

When a problem comes along, you must whip it. Am I right or am I right? Totally just made that up. Sounds like I could write a whole song just with that concept. I’ll whip it up a little later and I’ll whip it good. But for now, let’s check out these awesomely kinky heels, perfect for both private moments ...

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Wheego Whip Coming To United States

Gas prices may be hovering right now but we should be focusing on getting off foreign oil and getting on to the grid. The Wheego Whip is the car that can help us do just that despite being made by Chinese manufacturer Shuanghuan Automobile. It looks just like a Smart Car, except it’s actually an all-electric vehicle. For $19,000, you’ll ...

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Hunt For the Crystal Skulls

In light of the recent release of the latest Indiana Jones flick, Toys R Us is selling an Indiana hat and whip to complete your costume of the most badass archaeologist to ever scour tombs. If worse comes to worst, you could always use the hat and whip to compete in the Iditarod with your team of burly huskies, once ...

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