Wheego Whip Coming To United States


Gas prices may be hovering right now but we should be focusing on getting off foreign oil and getting on to the grid. The Wheego Whip is the car that can help us do just that despite being made by Chinese manufacturer Shuanghuan Automobile. It looks just like a Smart Car, except it’s actually an all-electric vehicle. For $19,000, you’ll get a plug-in car that can hit a 60 MPH top speed and does 50 miles on a single charge. Mediocre, but perfect for short trips or if you live in a city.

Unfortunately, the Fed has to do a bunch of safety testing on it before it can be driven on highways and such. For now, it’ll be limited to 35 MPH, making it a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle or NEV. Have fun playing Wheego Polo in a few of these $19,000 golf-karts.


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