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VoIP Studio Review


Dubbed a “clever reinvention of the wheel”, Voice over Internet Protocol is a professional communication tool for businesses looking for a hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system. To put it simply, it is a way to make phone calls over the internet by using the software to convert your analogue voice signal into digital signals that can be conveniently transmitted ...

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Skype Coming to iPhone

iPhone? We don’t need no stinkin’ iPhone! eBay has announced that its ultra-popular VoIP software, Skype, will be available for download sometime on Tuesday. The application will change the way people use their iPhones and could even put a dent in sales of the Apple device as more people choose the unrestricted iPod Touch over the iPhone. All your standard ...

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Open Peak: Intel-based VoIP and Entertainment

Hot damn! Believe it or not, the above display and handsets are for a new platform from Open Peak called Open Frame. It lets IP-based devices talk to each other over the network and acts as an entertainment hub. Built-in WiFi and Ethernet will let you check your calendar, YouTube, text messages, address book, email and more. All powered by ...

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Wood You Call Me, Please?

Although this isn’t the only phone that gives us wood, it does make us pop a hard one. After all, when it comes to using Skype or any other VOIP service, it’s tough to look cool talking into your monitor. But, with the Hulger Pappa*Phone, you can’t not look cool. It’d be impossible. In fact, you could call anyone on ...

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The Last HOPE: Telehacking

Trying to call your female escort to let her know you’ll be late? Use one of these payphones hooked up to the Internet via a PBX system. Probably running Asterisk I’m guessing. Check out photos of the setup after the jump.

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T-Mobile Launching Dirt Cheap Home Phone Service

While VoIP might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s definitely going to attract the attention of those who are really trying to pinch pennies. T-Mobile today announced it’s going to blow everyone else out of the water in the market by offering $10/mo home phone service via the T-Mobile @Home service. Beginning July 2nd, T-Mobile customers will be able ...

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Sony Vaio Mouse Doubles As An Internet Phone

Could Sony have gotten anymore simplistic than naming their new mouse with an integrated Internet phone Mouse Talk. It has single-handedly inspired me to invent a toilet with an embedded radio I’m calling “Shit Listen.” If you’re gay for VoIP and you have no need for a comfortable mouse then Mouse Talk is for you. It lets you make and ...

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Genius Navigator 380: VOIP phone, instant messager, oh yeah, it’s a mouse

Wait, you mouse only does what? It only move that cursor around your screen?! Not anymore. With the Genius Navigator 380, your mouse now works as a VOIP phone, an instant messaging device, not to mention the 1200dpi optical mouse part. All of these are rolled into its sweet clamshell design. Of course, if you have this multi-functional device, its ...

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