Genius Navigator 380: VOIP phone, instant messager, oh yeah, it’s a mouse

genius navigator 380Wait, you mouse only does what? It only move that cursor around your screen?! Not anymore. With the Genius Navigator 380, your mouse now works as a VOIP phone, an instant messaging device, not to mention the 1200dpi optical mouse part. All of these are rolled into its sweet clamshell design. Of course, if you have this multi-functional device, its primary use will be the mouse, but when you receive a call from one of your friends, it will either ring or flash a green light (underneath where your hand would be). The Genius Navigator 380 is a great little peripheral for you business travelers as well. You can save precious room in your laptop case to use for that enormous power adapter they didn’t tell you the laptop required. To top it off, the Genius Navigator 380 can juggle six separate instant messengers (Skype, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, QQ, and AIM) simultaneously in one window. Another multi-function that will save you space and money. Why not?


Navigator 380 feature page

Nik Gomez

Genius Navigator 380 [via SlashGear]

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