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Halo 2600 Code Visualized

Much like any other game console, Atari cartridges contained executable code along with corresponding data. Much of Atari game code is in the language of mathematics – if x is true, go to y. In this visualization of the custom Halo 2600, a adaptation of Halo for the Atari 2600 we’ve posted about in the past, each time there is ...

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DIY: Put On The Show Of A Lifetime

Check out this impressive real-time music visualization system. We already know that the Arduino is capable of pretty much anything your brain can fathom and then some, including this sweet DIY project that’ll turn any mundane stage band into a star-bound success. The amount of hardware that has gone into this visual output system is extensive but well worth it. ...

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IVY External HDD With Cool OLED Display

External HDDs are about as varied as cloned sheep when it comes to their blocky form factor. Despite the fact that the IVY doesn’t do much for changing the all around shape of a HDD device, the concept does add in a really cool OLED display which creates a visualization of how the data on the device is being used. ...

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